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Tuning in to Kids Program

Emotionally intelligent parenting.

  • Duration: 6 week parenting program
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Suitable for: Parents/carers of preschool and primary school age children

‘Tuning in to Kids’ is an evidence-based program that focuses on an emotion coaching parenting style. The group supports parents/carers to develop an emotional connection with their child, and shows parents how to help their child learn about emotions and develop emotional intelligence.

Parents learn different ways to talk with and understand their child, as well as how to help their young person manage emotions and deal with conflict. Parents also learn how to help prevent behaviour problems.

‘Tuning in to Kids’ will help parents:

  • Be more aware and accepting of emotions in themselves and their child
  • Develop skills to help their child name emotions
  • Have more empathic responses to their child
  • Share more of the emotional aspects of life with their child
  • Use Emotion Coaching when solving problems
  • Know when not to use Emotion Coaching
  • Develop their own emotional self-care and anger regulation skills

Cost: This program is free. Registration is essential.

To Register: Call 1300 234 263 (press option 5).

Parents can self-refer or professionals can initiate a referral on their behalf.

For further information please visit the ‘Tuning in to Kids’ website https://tuningintokids.org.au/


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