HeadtoHelp supports Victorians of all ages. Take the first steps towards finding the mental health and wellbeing support that’s best for you.

If your mental health is suffering because of the current pandemic, call HeadtoHelp now. Now is the time to reach out, even if you’ve never felt like this or asked for help before. The sooner you talk about your mental health, the sooner you’ll get the help and support you need, to help you move forward and feel stronger.

It couldn’t be easier. A trained professional will take your call, give you advice, and if you need it, connect you to a free HeadtoHelp hub or help you find the support that suits your needs.

1800 595 212 (free call)
This is not a crisis service. See below for urgent help.
8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Who it is for

The HeadtoHelp service is open to Victorians of any age who may be experiencing distress or mental ill health. This includes people who have never accessed mental health services before and their family and friends. It also is for family and friends of those in aged care.

Where it is located

There are 15 HeadtoHelp hubs across the state including DPV Health. You can access services via phone no matter where you are. You can also visit the hubs directly, please call 1800 595 212  prior to your visit.

How you can access

You can call HeadtoHelp on 1800 595 212,  to find the support you need. Your GP or another health professional might also suggest you use the HeadtoHelp service.

How it works

When you call HeadtoHelp on 1800 595 212, an experienced mental health professional will listen and work with you to find the best ways to get you the help you need.

What help you receive

Depending on the assistance you need, we may connect you with online support or an existing mental health service, such as a GP, or other health or support service to get you back on track. The hubs can help you find a GP if you do not have one, as it’s really important that your mental and physical health are looked after together.

Who is involved

The HeadtoHelp hub’s multidisciplinary team has GPs and mental health workers, including psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers and alcohol and drug workers, who can support you through telehealth, or onsite at a hub.

What to expect

Your mental and physical wellbeing are linked, so the best way to improve your mental health is with a team-based approach that includes your GP. Help can be provided for other essentials of life such as housing, work, education and training.

To find out more go to: headtohelp.org.au
HeadtoHelp is a collaborative initiative of Victoria’s Primary Health Networks and funded by the Australian Government.


Emergency help

If you need immediate help or are at risk of harm to yourself or others

Call: 000

Urgent support


13 11 14


1300 789 978

Beyond Blue

1800 512 348


1300 651 251