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Being active is important for physical and mental health.

Studies show that regular movement reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease. It also improves mental health through the natural release of feel-good hormones.

It is recommended that adults Fit in 30 minutes of movement on every day of the week to maintain good health.

Did you know that 57% of adults in Hume and 52% of adults in Whittlesea are not active enough and Type 2 Diabetes, a lifelong disease is 2 times more likely to develop in adults in Hume and Whittlesea than the rest of Victoria?

Adults are recommended to be active on every day of the week.

During the week adults should accumulate 2 ½ to 5 hours of moderate intensity physical activity or 1 ¼ to 2 ½ hours of vigorous intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both moderate and vigorous activities, each week.

Muscle strengthening activities should also be included on at least 2 days each week.

You can use the talk test to measure what intensity you are exercising at:

  • If you can talk and sing without puffing at all, you’re exercising at a low level.
  • If you can comfortably talk, but not sing, you’re doing moderate intensity activity.
  • If you can’t say more than a few words without gasping for breath, you’re exercising at a vigorous intensity.

DPV Health, in partnership with AB Corporate Fitness, has developed a series of short videos and supporting resources to inform and inspire members of the community to adopt a more physically active lifestyle.


Uroos’s Fitness Journey


After experiencing challenges with her health, Uroos realised it was time to make a change. Small alterations to her diet like eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains made her feel much better. She also started exercising regularly.

Uroos says that being physically active has improved her mental and physical health. Eating well and moving more has improved her relationship with her husband and she has more energy to play her with daughter.


Benefits of strong muscles and bones

Osteoporosis, or ‘brittle bones,’ can be common as we age. This may lead to bone fractures from falls. It is important to strengthen the bones by being involved in strengthening and weight bearing exercises (and having a regular intake of calcium and Vitamin D). These exercises help to improve balance and function such as getting up from bed, and reduce falls and pain.


Sanjay's Fitness Journey


Sanjay has a young family and works long hours in a sedentary job. His journey to better health started with walking around the swimming pool while his daughter took swimming lessons. Over time, this led to better heart health and reduced risk of developing Diabetes.

Being active has improved not only Sanjay’s health but his productivity at work, reduced stress and anxiety and improved his self-confidence.

His positive behaviours have also encouraged colleagues and friends to eat better and move more. They now come to him for advice on how to Fit in 30 of physical activity into their routine and eat healthy.


Benefits of cardiovascular fitness

Improving your cardiovascular fitness, known as heart health is proven to help reduce the chance of having a heart attack or developing Type 2 Diabetes.


Basimah's Fitness Journey


As a working mother of three, Basimah was always busy and often very tired. When she started exercising, her energy levels increased and she found she developed the energy to make the most of her time with family and friends. Basimah says she now has a more positive outlook on all aspects of life.

For Basimah, to Fit in 30 minutes of movement, she found it best to exercise in the morning – and it put her in a positive mindset for the day ahead!


Benefits of good balance

Improving your balance will help reduce the risk of falling over, especially in older age. Practicing balance, flexibility and coordination activities everyday will give you a strong core.


Where to get Fit in 30


See below resources on parks in your area for ideas on where to go for a walk, run or exercise.

Parks & Reserves in Hume City

CLICK HERE to view parks & reserves in the Hume city area


Parks & Reserves in Whittlesea

CLICK HERE to view parks & reserves in the Whittlesea area



Support Services

For help to improve your mental and physical health contact 1300 234 262.

Or click on DPV Health’s services below for more information: