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9th of March, 2021


Everyone, no matter their background or life experience, deserves to exercise their right to fully participate in society and access appropriate, respectful health care.

DPV Health is committed to providing targeted, culturally appropriate and inclusive services to all the population groups in its catchment area. It is a fundamental right of every individual to have equal opportunity to participate and contribute to society.

DPV Health provides processes that enable and empower diverse populations contribute not just to their social participation but to their health and wellness. People with an array of diversity characteristics have poorer health outcomes due to their experience of trauma, isolation and discrimination. In addition to the barriers accessing health care and community participation, diversity traits and characteristics often overlap as people identify as more than one characteristic of diversity exacerbating their already complex needs.

DPV Health celebrate the strengths of our diverse community and provide training to all employees to meet the cultural and diverse needs of our population. We envision a well-connected community who have the ability to work, learn, volunteer, access health care and have a voice that contributes to decision making. A strong sense of community, inclusion and acceptance plays a crucial role in your health and wellbeing. Your emotional health and wellbeing can improve when you feel like you belong. We need to respect, listen and include each other in order to embrace diversity and live healthy lives; in harmony.

DPV Health and artist Jim Coad provided art workshops to the community, exploring cultural identity and self-expression. Children and parents created puppets that represent themselves and we captured community voices on what inclusion and harmony means to them.

Harmony Day video

The project aligns with Harmony Week, celebrated every year in Australia in March, which coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity, Harmony Day is marked by people coming together and participating in local activities. DPV Health acknowledge Harmony week and celebrate the cultural diversity in our community.

The artwork will be developed into an animated light projection and projected on the Broadmeadows Town Hall during the Hume Winter Light Projection Festival on

Date: Saturday 18 June 2022
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Broadmeadows Town Hall, 10 Dimboola Rd, Broadmeadows

For more information, please email:




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