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3rd of August, 2020

Homelessness Week is the annual awareness-raising week to highlight the 116,000 Australians who are homeless on any given night.

This year the theme for Homelessness Week is “Everybody Needs a Home”.

Housing is indicated as a basic need in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and it is recognized by the UN as a basic right. There has been lack of spending by State and Federal Governments in the last 20 years in social housing.

The Homelessness Team at DPV Health, Epping provide case management to people who are homelessness or at risk of homelessness. The team work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of their clients for more housing and improved access to housing.

Homelessness week is one of two occasions that we are able to highlight the need for more housing to the general public. We are always advocating in behind the scenes.  Now more than ever, during the COVID 19 pandemic we are seeing greater awareness of the housing crisis and the current situation.

The last Census showed that nearly 25,000 Victorians are without a home, that many Victorians are living in severely overcrowded situations and that nearly 20% of all Victorians are living in housing stress, creating insecurity in their housing situation.

Northern Suburbs Statistics

The latest census stats identified a 16% increase in homelessness in Melbourne’s North.



Source: Northern Homelessness Network

The impact of being without a home is devastating. Those experiencing homelessness have said that homelessness is:  traumatic, destabilising, distressing, and harmful to their physical and mental health. It also makes it harder for them to care for children, find employment, and makes it impossible to plan a future.

The most difficult aspects of experiencing homelessness as described by a single mother:

“This has just affected my ability to be in the present moment with my children. Feelings of worry and anxiety about where we will live. Feeling outside of the rest of the world who have secure housing. Not being able to give my child things because I can’t afford to.”

What can you do?

  • Sign the ‘’Every Victorian Should Have a Home’’ petition
  • Share this email and talk to your friends, family and colleagues about the housing crisis in Victoria
  • Learn more about homelessness on our website, by watching Filthy Rich and Homeless or You Can’t Ask That or if you have kids, Sesame Street
  • Share the ‘Homeless Truths’ below on social media
  • Ring, email or write to your local Members of Parliament to tell them that Every Victorian Should Have a Home. See our website for MP contact information. See our ‘asks’ below. A quick phonecall or a short email to let your local Members of Parliament know that you are concerned about homelessness in your area is powerful. You can ask that they priortise fixing Victoria’s housing crisis.
  • Join the national Everybody’s Home campaign https://everybodyshome.com.au/

 ‘To work alongside someone for a period of time and work with them to make changes in their lives and see them be stagnated until they are able to access either Private Rental to Transitional Housing is an immense privilege. Our clients place an enormous amount of trust in DPV staff and the Homelessness Sector. This is often done at a time they are most vulnerable and often being rejected by other services as they don’t fit their criteria. As case Managers we are given an amazing opportunity to walk alongside the families we support and witness the change in their lives. ‘

– Marilla (DPV Health – Case Manager)

For more information visit: https://everyvictorianshouldhaveahome.com.au/