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7th of May, 2020

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is key to helping your immune system function properly and to improve your mood and energy levels during COVID-19 and self isolation. We all need to nourish our bodies with good nutrition, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly to have a strong immune system and manage stress. On the other hand there are food we need to avoid that can have negative effects on our immune system, anxiety and physical well-being.

Below are some advice from DPV Heath Dieticians on how to eat well during COVID-19.

Eating healthy during self-isolation:

  • Include a variety of foods including plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat according to your appetite.
  • Ensure you are keeping up your water intake (use jugs and bottles to help you track your intake).
  • Choose home cooked meals instead of takeaway. They are more nutritious and serving sizes are better for weight management.

Foods for boosting mood and energy levels:

  • Include whole grains, like wholemeal bread and brown rice at every main meal.
  • Small snacks in between meals such as fruits, nuts and yoghurt.
  • Variety of vegetables and fruits can help your body function at its best.
  • Omega 3s found in fatty fish including tinned fish (e.g. salmon).
  • Make sure you get outdoors every day for exercise and Vitamin D. This is important even when the sun is not shining.

Food and drinks that cause low energy:

  • Keep processed foods as ‘sometimes foods, in small quantities’ (including chocolates, biscuits, lollies, cakes, alcohol, soft drinks, fried foods).
  • Limit caffeine intake, especially in the afternoon, this will improve sleep quality.
  • Limit overall alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid over-eating.

Below is a great resource from Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute on Nutrition Facts to improve your immune system.


If you need help with your nutrition and diet call DPV Health on 1300 234 263 or book a Telehealth appointment with a Dietician, click here see for more info.