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Onsite COVID-19 Exposure update 30th of September, 2021

DPV Health continues to provide onsite healthcare to those in urgent need. All onsite service provision is conducted within rigorous infection prevention policy and procedure, in line with the Department of Health (Victoria), COVID-19 guidelines.

As a result of high community COVID-19 transmission rates, during September DPV Health has experienced a number of onsite COVID-19 exposure notifications.

All onsite COVID-19 exposures are managed in line with the Department of Health response requirements and treated with the highest degree of priority. DPV Health identifies all persons who attended onsite during an exposure period and notifies the Department of Health.

DPV Health will also notify persons directly to ensure people receive advice as quickly as possible following a potential exposure.

For a list of public COVID-19 exposure please visit: Case alerts – public exposure sites | Coronavirus Victoria