15th of January, 2019

This February, it will be ten years since Victorians lived through the worst bushfires in our nation’s history.

As the anniversary of the 2009 Victorian bushfires approaches, people who were directly or indirectly affected by this natural disaster may be experiencing reactions or wanting to seek support.

The Victorian Government is providing health support to affected communities, through existing services. These include counselling services; mental health, alcohol and other drugs counselling; community engagement activities; and GP locums.

DPV Health (formally Dianella & Plenty Valley Community Health) have increased the counselling and psychological services during this anniversary period. From 21 January, these services will be available from Whittlesea Township at 40-42 Walnut Street Whittlesea, Monday to Thursday (9 am to 5 pm).

At DPV Health, our staff of professional social workers and psychologists are available to provide confidential, safe, respectful and high quality counselling and psychological services.

There is no need for a GP referral. You can contact us directly on 9409 8724 to book a counselling appointment. The service is free.

Our counsellors at DPV Health offer services tailored to your needs by integrating the best research evidence and experience, while supporting your wishes and preferences. We are experienced to help you in the following areas:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Effects of trauma
• Self-esteem, confidence
• Lifestyle changes related to illness
• Loss and grief
• Stress management
• Family violence
• Other relationship or personal issues you may need to discuss,
Our counselling services include:
• Single-sessions, with option to continue.
• Interpreter services (free of charge).

Art therapy and Mindfulness Session – creative self-care during tough times

• How anniversary reminders affect us
• Creative self-care: art, music and movement.
• Mindfulness strategies to manage emotions and thinking.
• Rebuilding hope.

Date: Thursday 24th January 2019.
Time: 11am to 1 pm
Venue: The session will take place at the Whittlesea Township
What to bring? Please wear casual, loose-fitting clothing to the session. If possible, please bring a pad of some type to lie on (camping foam, exercise mat, pillow or a towel).

We will have art therapy materials, colour pencils, crayons, pastels, and watercolours available or you could bring your own art materials.

Group work enquiries: contact Eugenia on 8401 7338 or 94098787 or email: Eugenia.Castro@dpvhealth.org.au

The Red Cross and the Victorian Council of Churches staff will also be on hand at commemorative events in February to provide psychosocial first aid to those who need support on the day.

Find out more at www.vic.gov.au/2009-bushfires

Video & Phone Medical and Healthcare Appointments

Receive the healthcare advice and support you need without stepping outside.

  • Convenient
  • Safe & Secure
  • Bulk billed, so no "out of pocket" expenses
  • Free interpreter service is also available

Call 1300 234 263 to make an appointment or click below for more information

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