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Physical Health Services

Do you want Healthcare for your individual needs?

We provide person-centered care for everyone!

Do you want healthcare for your individual needs?

Your Physical Health plays a large part in your overall wellbeing and it can also increase the risk of developing mental health problems.

Regular visits to health care professionals are key for preventing illness. They can catch any potential health issues while they’re still manageable.

Here are some of the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle:

  • Reduced stress and improved mood
  • Boost in energy level over time
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Increased physical strength

These health benefits not only maintain your mental and physical health, but they also work to prevent illnesses, some of which can be very serious. While it may seem like a challenge, making the effort to maintain your mental and physical health has many benefits in the long run.

Our Services

If you have a pre-existing Health problem and just want to maintain a health life, we welcome you to visit Health Professionals to assess, educate and treat your condition. Our range of services include:

See below for range of Physical Health services & programs offered at DPV Health.

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Call us on 1300 234 263 and we can provide you with further information, answer any of your questions and customise a plan to suit your needs. DPV Health has extensive experience in providing quality health services, with national accreditation which meets all required standards to deliver evidence-based outcomes.

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Physical Health Services & Programs

Click on below for more information on services and programs offered at DPV Health.


Our Audiologists are committed to focusing on your needs and providing you with diagnostic hearing assessments.

Learn more


Physiotherapists help to keep you well, strong and active. They can help to keep you independent and to manage pain through exercise and positive self-management.

Learn more

Paediatric Health

Range of Paediatric services for your child's health and wellbeing.

Learn more

Speech Pathology

The DPV Health Speech Pathology Service supports effective communication and safe swallowing.

Learn more

Exercise Physiology

An Exercise Physiologist specialises in exercise management for chronic health conditions, including the prescription and delivery of exercise interventions for the management and prevention of various chronic diseases and injuries.

Learn more

Nutrition and Dietetics

Our Dietitians can provide information and help you with nutrition and good health.

Learn more

Occupational Therapy

We are dedicated to promote your wellness, safety and independence.
We work with people of all ages, and with a wide variety of conditions that affect the ability to remain independent and safe at home.

Learn more


We are trained to deal with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the feet and lower legs.

Learn more

Diabetes Nurse Education

At DPV Health the Diabetes Nurse Educator will work with you, your family/carers and the diabetes team to assist you to with managing your Diabetes.

Learn more

Hospital Admission Risk Program

The Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) service at DPV Health manages people with chronic diseases or conditions, the elderly and seniors, and people with complex needs who frequently use hospitals or are at risk of hospitalisation.

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Medical Services

Check out our professional bulk-billed doctor services.

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Resources & Download

Click below for resources to help you with your physical health.

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