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Healthy children are able to learn better at school and have the energy to explore outside the classroom too. To help the families across Hume and Whittlesea, DPV Health developed a series of short educational videos to give families practical, evidence-based tips on a range of health topics.

These videos feature local families and were developed in partnership with local health care professionals and educational leaders to ensure the content is evidence-based and relevant to the families.

To ensure the videos are accessible to a large number of the families, they are available to watch in English, Arabic and Punjabi languages.

The videos cover the following health topics:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Behaviours

Support material has been developed to help consolidate the healthy behaviours at home. These information handouts will help families apply the key messages from the videos in their daily routines.


Health & Wellness Facts

Download Health & Wellness Facts to find out why DPV Health have developed these resources for you and your family.

Download  Health & Wellness Facts (English)

Download  Health & Wellness Facts (Arabic)

Download  Health & Wellness Facts (Hindi)


Part 1 – Healthy Eating

In this video, you can pick up some useful tips and easy ways to pack a healthy lunchbox that your child will enjoy. You will also hear from Dietitians about why it is important that your child eats a healthy, balanced diet.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Download healthy lunchbox ideas and learn how to make eating healthy, fun for your child.

Download Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (English)

Download Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (Arabic)

Download Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (Hindi)


Part 2 – Physical Activity

Learn about the importance of moving more and being physically active for your child’s physical and mental wellbeing. This video provides a guide for how much physical activity your child needs on a daily basis and also suggests fun and free ways to get your child to be active.

Physical Activity Ideas

Download physical activity ideas to help your child be more active at home and outdoors.

Download  Physical Activity Ideas (English)

Download  Physical Activity Ideas (Arabic)

Download  Physical Activity Ideas (Hindi)


Part 3 – Healthy Behaviours

In this video, you will hear from a range of healthcare professionals about the importance of sleep, oral hygiene and reducing screen time for your child. The video also talks about the need for role modelling good behaviour and how parents can be an example for positive behaviours.

Healthy Behaviour Tips

Download healthy behaviour tips to build healthy routines for your child like brushing teeth, getting enough sleep and reducing screen time.

Download Healthy Routine Tips (English)

Download Healthy Routine Tips (Arabic)

Download Healthy Routine Tips (Hindi)


Teeth Brushing Chart

Download printable teeth brushing chart to help make brushing fun and rewarding for your child.

Download Teeth Brushing Chart (English)

Download Teeth Brushing Chart (Arabic)

Download Teeth Brushing Chart (Hindi)


For more information and advice to manage the nutritional requirements, physical and mental health of your child, call 1300 234 263 to book an appointment with a healthcare professional at DPV Health. Telehealth, video and phone consultation available.