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DPV Health is delighted to launch the “DPV Health Disability Action Plan 2023 – 2025”

Download the Plan here

Download the Simple English Plan here

DPV Health breaks barriers in disability healthcare. 

On Wednesday 13th December 2023 DPV Health celebrated the launch of our 2023-2025 Disability Action Plan, at out Disability Services site in South Morang.  

David Moody, former NDS Chief Executive Officer and currently Director of Management Governance Australia was a special guest and speaker at the event, which was attended by Don Tidbury, CEO DPV Health, members of the DPV Health executive team, employees and several disability services participants.  

“The DPV Health Disability Action Plan has the capacity to be pivotal in ensuring that this region and community is inclusive, equitable and accessible for all individuals, specifically for those living with a disabilities,” said David Moody . This plan is not just a document, it’s a reflection of DPV Health’s dedication to creating a community where everyone regardless of their abilities can thrive and contribute. Management Governance Australia was delighted to be involved in the important project to develop and deliver the plan.” 

David went on to say “I have to say that the overwhelming impression we got from our engagement with the DPV Health community, is just how important DPV Health is to the community it serves, I thought the sentiment was almost one of love for DPV Health and the work that it is doing.” David Moody. 

The Disability Action Plan seeks to deliver on the five key priority areas of, 

  1. Inclusion and enabling access 
  2. Safe, supportive environments 
  3. Employment and vocational pathways 
  4. Responsive service 
  5. Governance and Accountability 

Through evidence-based, targeted, and practical action DPV Health continues to address barriers facing people with disability in exercising their human rights. DPV Health’s vision has always been ‘excellent care for every person, every time’ and the Disability Action Plan serves as a guide to promote inclusive communities for people with disabilities by: 

  • Fostering leadership and accessibility in assets, infrastructure, and services 
  • Empowering individuals with disabilities to participate in DPV Health and community services 
  • Enhancing economic outcomes through employment and vocational pathways. 
  • Strengthening health and well-being by involving people with disabilities in the design, provision, and evaluation of services. 

Launching the Disability Action Plan, CEO Don Tidbury said “In crafting this plan, we’ve listened to the voices and lived experiences of many, but importantly the voices of our clients, communities and industry partners, recognising the diverse perspectives and unique insights that individuals with disabilities bring.” “This two-year DAP is envisaged as the first in a series of DAPs focused on achieving short and longer-term practical goals, leading to, and embedding cultural change in years three and four,” he said.  

Over the past 6 months and stemming from their deep connection with participants and their families, the DPV Health Disability Services team managed a GoFundMe campaign to secure funds for an all-terrain wheelchair to improve the outcomes and experiences for their participants. As a surprise for the disability services team and participants, CEO Don Tidbury and disability participant Molly were overjoyed to roll out a brand-new all-terrain wheelchair, co- funded by DPV Health to acknowledge the Disability teams and participants outstanding achievements and efforts.  

The launch of the DPV Health Disability Action plan marks an incredibly significant moment in DPV Health’s journey—a moment where we take a profound step forward in our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. 

Media Contact

For media enquiries, contact Rick Jackson Executive Manager Client Experience & Community Engagement on 0448 998 079 or

DPV Health is a not-for-profit organisation that offers exceptional health, disability and social services to people of all ages across the cities of Hume and Whittlesea. As one of Victoria’s largest & most comprehensive community health organisations, DPV Health provides an extensive range of medical, dental, allied health, paediatric, disability, mental health and community programs.


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