Physiotherapy aims to increase the physical wellbeing of the person through assessment, exercise, advice and treatment. Physiotherapists help to keep you well, strong and active. They can help to keep you independent and to manage pain through exercise and positive self-management.

Our physiotherapists help to:

  • Regain the maximum movement possible after injury or illness
  • Teach people self-help skills to prevent injury or re-injury
  • Improve balance and help prevent falls
  • Prescribe walking aids
  • Assist with pain management
  • Prescribe exercises to treat and manage health conditions such as chronic neck and back pain

Pain and injury can have an impact on your wellbeing and ability to carry out your daily activities and maintain your independence. Our physiotherapists can help by:

  • Improving mobility
  • Developing strength
  • Improving balance
  • Providing strategies to self-manage your pain
  • Referring to exercise groups, or other health practitioners

You may wish to see one of our physiotherapists for:

  • Muscle, joint, bone and nerve problems or injury
  • Falls or risk of falls
  • Balance and mobility issues
  • Pain management
  • Sport injuries
  • Rehabilitation

We can provide physiotherapy services through your NDIS plan.

This service is supported by funding from the Australian and Victorian governments under the HACC / CHSP Program.

Telehealth – Video & Phone appointments available.

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Our physiotherapists provide services to children and adults. Eligibility for ongoing care is determined at the initial assessment.

Fees may apply. Additional fees may apply for purchase of equipment.

We accept GP, specialists, other health professionals, carer or family member referrals.

Contact the Intake Service between 9am and 5pm on 9409 8724 for City of Whittlesea locations or 1300 234 263 for City of Hume locations.

Health professionals are requested to send referrals by:

  • E-referral via Connecting Care
  • Fax 9408 9508 City of Whittlesea locations or 8339 9898 for City of Hume locations
  • Post to PO Box 82, Whittlesea 3757 for City of Whittlesea locations or PO Box 197 Glenroy 3046 for City of Hume locations

For people aged 65 years and over or 50 and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, referral is via My Aged Care.

Wait lists may apply. Priority is given according to the severity of condition.
For current clients that would like to book or cancel appointments, contact Reception on 9409 8787 for City of Whittlesea locations or Reception on 1300 234 263 for City of Hume locations.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Name and contact details of your regular GP
  • Reports of relevant scans, e.g.: X-Ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound etc
  • A list of medications you are currently taking

Allow one hour for your first appointment. There will be a discussion with your Physiotherapist about your condition and general health, followed by a physical examination. Please note, you may be asked to disrobe for this. We will then discuss with you about how to best manage your condition.