What is Health Promotion?

Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health. Here is a short video from Vic Health on Health Promotion.

Our Work

At DPV Health, Population Health Team leads the roll out of the Integrated Health Promotion Program. The Population Health Team is committed to building safe, healthy, inclusive communities within our catchments through health promotion and prevention programs, working with a range of local partners including the Hume and Whittlesea Councils.

We deliver projects across a wide range of settings including local schools, kindergartens, day care centres, youth services, sports clubs, workplaces, community groups and organisations in some of the most disadvantaged suburbs in the local catchments.

All our projects are designed around three key priority areas:

  • Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)
  • Prevention of Violence Against Women (PVAW)
  • Diversity and Social Inclusion (DASI) 

For more details, please contact the Population Health Team: populationhealth@dpvhealth.org.au

Healthy Eating and Active Living Projects (HEAL)

Healthy Eating & Active Living Education Resource

Healthy Eating, Active Living Education resource to upskill professionals and educators who work with young people. More Info

Fit in 30

Short videos and interactive resources to inform and inspire the community to adopt a more physically active lifestyle. More Info

Healthy Eating & Active Living in Schools

A whole of school approach that aligns with The Achievement Program, providing support and resources for local schools in the most disadvantaged suburbs. Read More

The support extended by DPV Health involves working with your school to identity it’s priorities and offer necessary resources for students, teachers and parents. These may include providing newsletter articles, resources for creating a sustainable school garden and resources to encourage physical activities including ‘brain breaks’. Download Flyer

Online Cookbook (Coming Soon)

A healthy community is a happy community. DPV Health, in consultation with local Dietitians and community groups have developed a treasure trove of healthy, easy to make and cost effective recipes for the community. Read More

This cookbook is designed to demonstrate that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and healthy recipes can also be tasty, wholesome and satisfying. There is a wide range of recipes to choose from and you can even sort recipes based on ingredients, sugar & salt content, cost per serve and many other parameters.

Transition Video Project

Resources to support families with valuable information on how to provide nutritious, cost-effective lunches, encourage physical activity and instil the importance of good sleep and oral hygiene in children. More info

Smiles 4 Miles

The Smiles 4 Miles program is a simple, evidence-based oral health promotion program which is modelled on the Health Promoting Schools Framework. More Info

Prevention of Violence Against Women Projects (PVAW)

Your Story Your Lens – Film Workshops

FREE smartphone film making and storytelling workshops for 16-24 year olds on gender. More Info

Supporting Respectful Relationships

DPV Health have partnered with the Department of Education to help support schools who are engaged in the Respectful Relationships Initiative. Read More

We are committed to ensure that the school community role models a culture of respect and equality by providing a range of supporting resources to help embed this cultural change.

Whittlesea Sports Club Inclusion Grants

DPV Health has partnered with Whittlesea Council to provide grants to sports and recreation clubs throughout Whittlesea to promote female participation in sports and have a leadership role within the clubs. Read More

As part of the Grants program, sports and recreation clubs are required to submit their applications, highlighting how the projects will ensure female participation and inclusiveness is practiced and made part of their day to day operations.

Diversity and Social Inclusion Projects (DASI)

Inclusion Strategy

The Inclusion Strategy will be an organisation wide effort to build on the skills, knowledge and expertise at DPV Health and a commitment to deliver equitable health services to the disadvantaged communities. Read More

It will enhance the organisational capacity to provide services that are responsive to the diverse needs of the local community and reduce health inequities.

Disadvantaged groups of people who identify with multiple culturally and socially diverse characteristics have poorer health outcomes due to their experience of trauma, isolation and discrimination.

LGBTIQ Needs Analysis

To better understand the needs and lived experience of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community in Hume and Whittlesea. More Info

Sawt Al Nissa (Women’s Voice)

A women’s empowerment project, Sawt Al Nissa aims to improve the self-efficacy, confidence, health literacy and active participation of women from newly arrived and refugee backgrounds, within the community. Read More

Supported by Community Hub Schools and VICSEG New Futures, women from the same cultural and language group come together to discuss their experiences with settlement in Australia and the challenges they collectively face as newly arrived families. The group aims to improve women’s abilities to access services and achieve good health and wellbeing outcomes.