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Health Promotion & Prevention

Supporting our community health

Ensuring the health of the community!

Health Promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health. Here is a short video from Vic Health on Health Promotion.

Our Work

At DPV Health, Population Health Team leads the roll out of the Integrated Health Promotion Program. The Population Health Team is committed to building safe, healthy, inclusive communities within our catchments through health promotion and prevention programs, working with a range of local partners including the Hume and Whittlesea Councils.

We deliver projects across a wide range of settings including local schools, kindergartens, day care centres, youth services, sports clubs, workplaces, community groups and organisations in some of the most disadvantaged suburbs in the local catchments.

All our projects are designed around three key priority areas:

  • Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)
  • Prevention of Violence Against Women (PVAW)
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement (DICE)

For more details, please contact the Population Health Team:

Get Involved

Let's Bring Change Together

Working together to stop family violence.
‘Let’s Bring Change Together’ is a community-led, co-designed project that addresses the important issue of family violence. We hope to educate and motivate people in the community to talk openly about it and seek help if they need to, without fear of stigma.

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Healthy Eating and Active Living Projects (HEAL)

Healthy School for Healthy Futures

Healthy Schools for Healthy Futures

Our Healthy Canteens Advocacy campaign calls for the Department of Education and Training (DET) to update, mandate and monitor the Victorian Canteens, Healthy Eating and Other Food Services Policy. Show your support today!

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Online Cookbook

A healthy community is a happy community. DPV Health, in consultation with local Dietitians and community groups have developed a treasure trove of healthy, easy to make and cost effective recipes for the community.

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Healthy Eating & Active Living Education Resource

Healthy Eating, Active Living Education resource to upskill professionals and educators who work with young people.

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Fit in 30

Short videos and interactive resources to inform and inspire the community to adopt a more physically active lifestyle.

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Smiles 4 Miles

The Smiles 4 Miles program is a simple, evidence-based oral health promotion program which is modelled on the Health Promoting Schools Framework.

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Mandating Healthy Canteen Policy in Victorian Schools

We must act now to protect Victorian children. 1 in 4 children are above a healthy weight. Join us on this journey to advocate for Department of Education and Training to implement mandatory Healthy Canteen Policy in Victorian Schools, providing healthy options for our children to learn and thrive at school.

Transition Video Project

Resources to support families with valuable information on how to provide nutritious, cost-effective lunches, encourage physical activity and instil the importance of good sleep and oral hygiene in children.

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Online Cookbook

Good Food for Good Health

DPV Health is excited to launch an online cookbook to help our community to eat healthier and improve their general health & wellbeing by creating 80+ Dietitians-approved recipes to help create nourishing, balanced meals for the whole family.

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Prevention of Violence Against Women Projects (PVAW)

Lets Bring Change Together

DPV Health in partnership with Red Hat Films created a visual resource to address family violence in the community. ‘Let’s Bring Change Together’ is a resource that we hope will address the issues of family violence in our community. This video is a co-design and community led project that aims to educate and encourage community members from the South Asian community to have conversations on family violence and promote the importance of feeling safe at home, in the community and within Australia.

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Supporting Respectful Relationships

DPV Health have partnered with the Department of Education to help support schools who are engaged in the Respectful Relationships Initiative. We are committed to ensure that the school community role models a culture of respect and equality by providing a range of supporting resources to help embed this cultural change.

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Building the skills and knowledge of young people

DPV Health in partnership with Virtual Y & Good People Act Now (GPAN) will deliver a creative and innovative workshop to engage young people in discussions on gender equality and the role it has in preventing gender-based violence. This project will work towards going young people the opportunity to become ambassadors in the Hume and Whittlesea community.

Healthy Masculinities

To engage young boys and men in conversations on healthy masculinities, DPV Health has partnered with Reclink to build the capacity of local sports facilitators and youth in Hume, on the importance of embedding messages on healthy masculnities and the impacts this may have on health and well-being, and the role it plays in preveting gender based violence.

Female Inclusion in Sport

DPV Health has partnered with Whittlesea Council to provide grants to sports and recreation clubs throughout Whittlesea to promote female participation in sports and have a leadership role within the clubs. As part of the Grants program, sports and recreation clubs are required to submit their applications, highlighting how the projects will ensure female participation and inclusiveness is practiced and made part of their day to day operations.

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Youth Resource

DPV Health is supporting the Department of Education and Training and Good People Act Now (GPAN) on the development of a youth resource. This fun, engaging resource will target young people who live, work or play in Hume and raise awareness on gender based violence and the support services available.

Gender Equality at DPV Health

DPV Health is taking action to promote gender equality and reduce family violence. As a large employer in the catchment, DPV Health is uniquely placed to embed principles of gender equality in the workplace. DPV Health is currently aligning to the Workplace Equality and Respect Standards Taking a planned approach will assist DPV Health to receive citation as a 'Gender Equality Employer of Choice'. For more information about gender equality at DPV Health please contact

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16 Days of Activism

Find out how DPV Health is supporting 16 Days of Activism and the services we provide to assist with people in need.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement (DICE)

Partnership Projects

Hume Healthy Kids

DPV Health has partnered with Hume Libraries to deliver a program of health and wellbeing activities focusing on 0-12-year-old children and their families who interact in Hume. The co-design activities will take place at Hume Libraries and outreach settings associated with the library to uncover meaningful data that will be used to co-design activities for the target group. The activities would be provided by the Hume Libraries and DPV Health to improve access to physical activity and active transport opportunities, enhance mental wellbeing and improve social connection. It is hoped that the project will re-engage community in library activities post-pandemic.

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LGBTIQ Community Support in Hume

DPV Health is committed to support and include LGBTIQA+ communities.

Staff at DPV Health have completed an inclusion training program on the needs and experiences of LGBTIQA+ people. The training features the perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds, information on inclusive language as well as the use of correct pronouns and names to ensure that everyone feels welcomed.

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Healthy Choices Guidelines implementation at local community facilities

DPV Health is currently supporting Whittlesea Councils Active and Creative Communities Team and Sports Stadiums Victoria (SSV) to implement Healthy Choices Guidelines at Mill Park Basketball Stadium. As part of this project, DPV Health will provide support by using the Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) 'traffic light system' to categorise foods and drinks into three groups (green, amber, and red), and promote healthy messages to staff and the wider community.

The Healthy Choice Guidelines are being worked on now so when the Stadium café opens August 2022, it will be ready to serve our sports community health food choices, for information on the redevelopment please visit Council’s website Mill Park Basketball Stadium - Whittlesea Council

If your sport and recreational facility is interested in being involved in a similar project, please email

Connecting the dots – creating solutions for lasting change (Systems Thinking)

DPV Health is supporting Hume City Council who has partnered with VicHealth through the Local Government Partnership to set children and young people up for the best possible future. The project will amplify children’s, families and support networks voices, ideas, and experiences to create a healthier future. DPV Health and Hume City Council will deliver a series of three Systems Thinking Workshops on the topic of: The health and wellbeing of children aged 3 to 12 years with focus on healthy eating and physical activity. From these workshops, it is expected that actions will be developed based on the insights from the workshops.

You can read more about the Local Government Partnership here:

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Community Watch

DPV Health and the Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership (HWPCP) have joined forces, with assistance from Whittlesea Community Connections (WCC) and Banksia Gardens Community Services, to develop the Community Watch Partnership Project in response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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Achievement Program

DPV Health is investing in our people and cultural change. To optimise health and wellbeing we are a registered member of the Achievement Program, committed to achieving each of the benchmarks:

  • Foundations
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Smoking

Download DPV Health 2020/21 plan here.


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