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16th of March, 2021

DPV Health achieves Rainbow Tick certification to mark LGBTIQ inclusion

DPV Health is proud to announce that it has achieved Rainbow Tick certification. This independent national certification recognises the organisation’s inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning (LGBTIQ) clients, employees and volunteers.

The Rainbow Tick Accreditation Program assesses organisations against standards developed by Rainbow Health Victoria. The accreditation assures LGBTIQ service users that DPV Health is committed to constantly improving the quality of care and service delivery for their community.

The certification is particularly important, because LGBTIQ people may face difficulties in accessing health services, compared to other Victorians. This is in part due to stigma and people’s concerns that their identity may not be affirmed and valued in healthcare settings.

Obtaining Rainbow Tick certification is a step forward that both highlights and improves DPV Health’s ability to welcome and serve the LGBTIQ community.

In recent years, DPV Health has run several initiatives to improve LGBTIQ inclusion in our services and in the broader community. We are part of the Pride in the North Network, a group of local health organisations committed to providing inclusive services in Melbourne’s north.

The ‘You Are Who You Say You Are: DPV Needs Analysis’ was the first study of LGBTIQ needs in Northern Melbourne. The report includes recommendations on support services, awareness and training required to improve services for LGBTIQ people.

DPV Health has implemented inclusion and diversity training that includes a module featuring the perspectives of LGBTIQ people. Our Inclusion Strategy, which guides the organisation on providing inclusive services, identifies the LGBTIQ community as one of the priority communities.

All DPV Health sites display Safe Space signages highlighting our inclusiveness for all communities, including LGBTIQ. Following our Rainbow Tick Accreditation, we will now plan to display the Rainbow Tick signage to specifically welcome LGBTIQ service users.

Don Tidbury CEO DPV Health said, “To achieve Rainbow Tick certification on top of the hugely demanding COVID year is nothing less than amazing. Most importantly, over time it will make an enormous difference to the lives of LGBTIQ people in outer Northern Melbourne.”

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