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10th of August, 2020

There’s No Excuse for Abuse

The past few weeks, and even months, have been tough for all of us, as we struggle to grasp with these unprecedented times of uncertainly and concerns for our collective health. The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a significant rise in levels of uncertainty, stress, social isolation and financial pressures, but none of this can be used as an excuse for abuse of any kind.

People are spending more time at home to comply with current restrictions and to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Home can however be an unsafe place for someone who is living with an abusive partner, spouse or parent.

Violence against women is much more than just physical violence, yet overall, Australians are less likely to recognise these non-physical forms. Non-physical abuse can take many forms and can be just as damaging as physical abuse –

  • Financial – controlling how a partner spends their money
  • Social – deciding who someone can and cannot talk to or spend time with.
  • Emotional – verbal put–downs and derogatory remarks aimed at a partner.
  • Spiritual – disrespecting a partner’s religion or not letting them to practice their religion.
  • Technological – using technology like a phone to control, embarrass, or demean a partner.
  • Stalking – harassing someone with unwanted contact.

Watch the powerful “No Excuse for Abuse” campaign to learn more.



Speak Up, and Speak Loud

If you are in danger or feel unsafe in your home, there are people and support services to help you.

During COVID -19, support is still available and you can leave your home at any time to get it.

Family and domestic violence support services: