Have you been experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Have you noticed a change in your strength and flexibility?
  • Have you been told that you need to live with your pain?
  • Does your pain stop you from doing things that are important to you?
  • Are you willing to try new things to help manage your pain?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Living Well With Pain Program may be for you.

What is the Living Well With Pain Program?

The Living Well With Pain Program is an 8 week program that aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to manage their pain at home and within the community.

The program consists of:

  • Educational sessions on a variety of topics relating to pain
  • Tailored Physiotherapy exercise program
  • Occupational Therapy circuits to help you manage your pain
  • Relaxation education and practical sessions

What is Chronic Pain?

  • Pain that lasts longer than 3 months
  • May be the result of an injury or may exist without a clear reason
  • May come and go or be prevalent all the time

For more information call the DPV Health Intake Team on: 1300 234 263 and select option 4, then option 1.


Fees may apply.

Click here to download our Service Fee Schedule

Your fee will be determined prior to your first service.

  • Adults over the age of 18 years who live with chronic pain
  • Individuals who are currently registered with another pain management program may NOT be eligible for the program

We accept referrals from clients, GPs, health care professionals or family members.

  • Clients over 65 years – need to contact
  • My Aged Care (MAC) and request for a referral to DPV Health
  • Clients under 65 years – can self-refer by contacting DPV Health

To book call the DPV Health Intake Team on: 1300 234 263 and select option 4 then option 1.