DPV Health – A new force for our community 17th of April, 2018

Press release – for immediate release

The merger of Dianella Health and Plenty Valley Community Health creating DPV Health is now complete!

“DPV Health represents over 80 years of quality health and community services in Hume and Whittlesea” said Dr Neil Cowen CEO.

He went on the say “We offer the same high quality service to more locations, all delivered by our highly professional staff”. “The staff of DPV Health are well known and trusted throughout our community.”

Dr Neil Cowen was the former CEO of Dianella Health.  He has a wealth of experience in the areas of health and human services, aged care and education.  He also has significant expertise in the areas of cultural change and performance.

“I am committed to improving health and community services for our community,” Dr Cowen said.

“We are expert in the provision of services to areas of cultural diversity and for people with complex needs and sensitivities. We strive for health equality, and are committed to ensuring respect for all people,” said Dr Cowen.

The inaugural Chair of DPV Health is Ms Margaret Douglas.

“The Directors of DPV Health draw on a wealth of experience that previously led the two former organisations and will help position DPV Health for the future” said Ms Douglas.

The DPV Health directors are:

  • Mr Robert Burnham
  • Ms Julie Busch
  • Mr Vincent Cain
  • Ms Vase Jovanoska
  • Mr Gary Henry
  • Ms Gloria Sleaby
  • Mr Mark Sullivan
  • Mr Emmanuel Tsakis
  • Mr Colin Woodward

Mr Philip Bain, the former CEO of Plenty Valley Community Health, has retired from full time work, to concentrate his energies on governance, including Northern Health Board and his other roles in health service planning in the north.

Visit the website: www.dpvhealth.org.au for information on DPV Health services and locations.

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