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28th of July, 2020

DPV Health is firmly committed to protecting the safety of its clients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DPV Health is adhering to all federal and state government public health directives which guide our pandemic response and our daily infection prevention approach.

In addition to the standard practices of hand hygiene and physical distancing, all staff are provided with medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to provide the required infection transmission protection.

Staff and clients are now required to wear a mask when attending a DPV Health service. All persons entering DPV Health services must complete a COVID-19 risk screen to help ensure we identify potential risks and manage them appropriately.

DPV Health has a detailed risk management response for all suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases which is based upon published health guidelines for health care and community services.

Over the previous month we have supported several employees who have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. In each instance our risk management response has been rapidly enacted including a full disinfectant clean of the DPV Health site attended by the staff member, comprehensive assessment and management of potential close contacts if the staff member attended a DPV Health site whilst deemed infectious, and close case management with the Department of Health and Human Services’ public health response unit.

The risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic affect us all in different ways. Being on the front line, the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce is of upmost importance. DPV Health has a range of support measures in place to help staff maintain optimal mental health and wellbeing including online self-care and relaxation activities, regular communication and updates and access to an Employee Assistance Program.

The safety of our clients and staff is our highest priority. In these unprecedented times, we extend our warmest thanks to the community for its support to our team during this time.

Media Contact

For media enquiries, contact Rick Jackson Executive Manager Client Experience & Community Engagement on 0448 998 079 or

DPV Health is a not-for-profit organisation that offers exceptional health, disability and social services to people of all ages across the cities of Hume and Whittlesea. As one of Victoria’s largest & most comprehensive community health organisations, DPV Health provides an extensive range of medical, dental, allied health, paediatric, disability, mental health and programs to support vulnerable people.

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